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The British Motorcycle Manufacturing Academy (BMMA) are offering a unique opportunity to young people in the Midlands and UK as a whole to enter the motorcycle manufacturing industry via a new apprenticeship program.

We will give apprentices the opportunity to contribute to the success of the British motorcycle industry and learn a range of new skills.

Our initial partner Norton Motorcycles are looking to create a legacy that will support the long term growth plans for their iconic brand and the British motorcycle manufacturing industry as a whole.

Norton Motorcycles has continued to expand via its global market partners over the last 12 months and will require significant resources to continue this growth and success into the future. Helping to support the development of the next generation of skilled motorcycle engineers is a project they were keen to be associated with and support.

The BMMA will deliver intermediate apprenticeships via a modulated accelerated learning approach. Apprentices will achieve on average 2 units every 6 weeks, with an assessment week at the end of each learning cycle.

Apprentices will be encouraged to learn all aspects of the British motorcycle manufacturing industry, which will include, motorcycle model identification, motorcycle market assessment, development of race platforms, motorcycle and parts logistics and supply chain management alongside the institute of Motor Industry's Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Qualifications.



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our three pillars

 Developing the motorcycle engineers of tomorrow

British Motorcycle Manufacturing Academy
Hasting House, Donington Hall
Castle Donington,
DE74 2SG
United Kingdom

  1. Creating a British motorcycle manufacturing legacy.
  2. Working with quality components and supporting the British motorcycle industry.
  3. Ensure we deliver an Innovative teaching and learning environment for students.


The British Motorcycle Manufacturing Academy has been set up predominately to support the British motorcycle industry and its long term growth plans.

A majority of our apprentices will be in the 16-18 age range.

There will be a few 19+ places offered with a cost supplement.


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